GMP-ACE Main Menu is the opening screen on the database. The Main Menu serves as the launch pad into the various database functions:

Main Menu


The Company Management function allows users to input and manage companies participating in the auditing process:

Facility Management


The Facility Management function allows users to input and manage the facilities subject to the auditing process:

Facility Management


The Workload Management function allows Supervisors to manage the workloads of those executing the auditing process:


The Remark Response function allows users to capture, track, and resolve written response to issued audit findings:


The Remark Trending function allows users to trend the audit findings across facilities, companies, regulations, systems, and various other classifications:


The Regulatory Text Search function allows users to complete text search on US, EU, Canadian, and Japanese GMP regulations:


The Conduct Audit button leads to the “Main Audit” form, which captures the particulars of a given audit:


The Main Audit Page is the mechanism for launching the “Conducting the Audit” form, where the audit coverage is stipulated and participating Auditors access and execute specific audit worksheets:


To view the specific audit worksheets or other database features, contact I.Q. Auditing for a free internet demonstration.


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